Aspect Ratio. The Photo-Video Podcast

The photo and video podcast with a difference. Get under the skin of the issues that matter. With a healthy splash of business and marketing advice from creative professionals.

The Importance of Audio - Live!

May 24th, 2019

An all female panel of video professionals chat to Simeon Quarrie at The Photography Show. Vicky Grech, Emma Wilson and Sarah Seal share their thoughts on the importance of audio in their work. Recorded live on stage, they chat about what are the best bits of kit to use in different situations, as well as dishing out some great tips of the trade. Don't forget to email us/tweet us with any questions you may have about the wonderful world of photography and video. 

Nick Dunmur - The Rise Of The Robots

May 2nd, 2019

Nick Dunmore from the AOP chats about AI, machine learning,  and how it's going to affect photographers and film makers. Do we have a future or is it all going to be in the hands of the microchip.

We look into how images can be created in the future and all from the brain of a computer. 

If we don't get control of it now the consequences could be bad. 

Recorded at the Photo Futures event in a noisy Shoreditch house. 

Emma Wilson - Story of Your Day

April 11th, 2019

Emma Wilson from pops in for a chat about how she feels about being a woman in the world of wedding film-making and how she's been treated by men in the industry. Emma takes no prisoners.

We learn how she creates wedding films that aren't wedding films, and why she never gets too close to The Groom's nose. 

How does she balance her life between being a mother and running her own business, and why a certain noise reminds Rick Bronks of a bad experience in a sauna.

It's all here on the Aspect Ratio Podcast. 

Victoria Grech - Video Marketer

April 3rd, 2019

Victoria Grech from is our guest.

We talk about Friesian cows, too much sugar, how to place a value on your time and how she's not yet lost faith in humanity.

Find out how to understand and value your worth in business, and why branding is so important.

How did chocolate bars teach her a life lesson and why is Saudi Arabia not quite ready for her.

Recorded at The Photography Show. 

Aspect Ratio. The Photo-Video Podcast

March 11th, 2019

Aspect Ratio - the photo-video podcast. 

Learn from professionals who will help make your photo and video life easier, as well as special guests from the world of photography and film.

Pick up some tricks of the trade and get things done - and with limited budgets.

Get help from experts and start making more money by offering your clients video production as well as stills.

The Aspect Ratio Podcast, from Satureyes Media - Photography and video all in one place. Subscribe now.

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